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Omri Shabat ~ Mohammad Van Atta Comment Regarding Omri Shabat

Omri Shabat ~ "The Atlantic backtracks and removes controversial Scientology advertorial "

"Mohammad Van Atta  Omri Shabat • 11 days ago −
Omri Shabat is a piece of shit. Ever read his site? Someones just going 
to beat the shit out of him one of these days. It’ll be well deserved."

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"she doesn't know shit about SEO"
aKa Mad Dog Blogger Crystal L. Cox

Omri Shabat ~ Doc Sheldon Calls Omri Shabat out for Defamatory, Hateful, Attacking Uninformed Blog Posts. Doc Sheldon Comment Regarding Omri Shabat

Doc Sheldon vs. Omri Shabat

Certainly those of us that work in SEO have seen plenty of instances involving craphatters that peddle garbage to the unsuspecting or uninformed. if you read the (admittedly sparse – give us time) content here, you’ll find that is precisely why this site was built. Keeping people from falling into traps is the primary reason for the site’s existence.
No, you didn’t come right out and say that Donna is a scammer. But you certainly implied it, with several comments and innuendos. As for your comment regarding the “disgusting marketing-related fraud phenomenon”, I’d offer this thought in response to your apparent tendency to paint all marketers with one brush…
If I happen to have known a lot of lazy black men, several greedy Jews or many emotionally fragile women, does that justify an assumption that all members of each of those groups deserve to be presumed guilty of those respective traits? I would hope that your response would be a resounding “No!”
Now, I’ll grant that if an individual member of one of those groups exhibits such behavior, human nature being what it is, most of us might view them with a somewhat jaundiced eye. But in my opinion, your assumption that Donna deserved to be singled out and libeled, indicates a total lack of any desire on your part to “act more responsibly”.
You say you have communicated to Donna that she doesn’t have to publish anything, but if she will, you’ll update your post accordingly. So in essence, you’ve said “I’ve painted you in a libelous fashion, and it’s up to you to defend yourself.”
Slippery slope, that, Omri. There’s some real value in an assumption of innocence until proven guilty… in both a legal and an ethical sense. Don’t you think the better approach would be to go after those that have clearly shown themselves to be guilty of the accusation? By your way of thinking, one might accuse my sainted mother of being a whore, simply because she was equipped for it. Of course, that would make you and I equally “guilty” of being rapists, wouldn’t it?
And seriously, Omri… your use of that pic was just over the top and demonstrated even more lack of character.
Finally, yes, there will be others on our Wall. But only when there is strong evidence that they’re deserving of being called out… not mere suspicion. "

Omri Shabat Earns Wall Of Shame Honor ~ Omri Shabat

Omri Shabat 

"Omri Shabat – Welcome to the Silver Bullet Wall of Shame

A friend of mine was recently singled out by some dipshit that doesn’t know her from Adam, who apparently thought that it would be a good idea to doctor up a photo of her, in a very unflattering way, and then post a bunch of BS innuendo about her integrity. As though he had a clue – either about her or about integrity!

So,  Omri Shabat…. you’ve earned the not-so-coveted dishonor of being the first dipshit on Silver Bullet SEO’s Wall of Shame. Congrats!"

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A couple of suggestions, in no particular order:
  • If you’re going to be an ass, singling out someone you know nothing about to sling mud at, do your homework first. The lady in question happens to have a sterling reputation, as well as a lot of friends in the industry. You’d have had to try really hard to make a poorer choice for a target.
  • If you’re going to be an ass, blogging about things you obviously know very little about, try admitting that you’re just stating your opinion, even though it’s based on nothing concrete. Sites DO recover from Panda, Penguin, OOP and other slaps and penalties… it isn’t always easy, but it happens. Obviously, it happens a lot more than you’re aware of.
  • If you’re going to be an ass, calling out someone for behavior or statements that you honestly feel warrant it, try doing so in a professional manner… kindergarten-like photo jobs and personal attacks on an individual are NOT the way to further your own credibility. Quite the contrary, in this instance.
  • If you intend to continue blogging, presumably in the English-speaking world, you might want to hire someone to edit the spelling, grammar and punctuation errors out of your copy before you pull the trigger. Seriously.

Source of Omri Shabat Post Quote ~ Omri Shabat

Omri Shabat ~ Omri Shabat says Blogger Crystal Cox, "doesn’t know shit about SEO". So Let's Show Omri Shabat ~ what it looks like to be EXPOSED by the BEST independent Search Engine Reputation Manager in the World. Omri Shabat has joined SaltyDroid Jason Jones in what sure looks to be "conspiracy" to defame, harass, and threaten Blogger Crystal Cox. Have a Tip regarding Omri Shabat?

Omri Shabat, now in Alleged Conspiracy with Jason Jones, Salty Droid, has a new blog post riddled with lies, stolen photos, private emails, false patent information, and lot's more defamatory BULLSHIT.

Let's Take a Look at Omri Shabat' Dribble

Omri Shabat makes fun of me, Blogger Crystal Cox,  CLAIMING, “the Best Independent Search Engine Reputation Manager in the World.” ~ the thing is, I am the BEST independent Search Engine Reputation Manager in the World, this is a fact.

Omri Shabat says this about Crystal Cox Blogger "(and by looking at her website, she also doesn’t know shit about SEO)" ~ so I suppose that is Omri Shabat  challenging the BEST independent Search Engine Reputation Manager in the World, Blogger Crystal Cox, to some sort of SEO Dual. Guess I will play along, to EXPOSE Omri Shabat 

Omri Shabat  calls the TRUTH about SaltyDroid, Jason Jones, posted by Blogger Crystal Cox, "unhinged drivel" Then Omri Shabat links to emails from SaltyDroid, Jason Jones to a blog post by me, "Plaintiff Investigative Blogger Crystal L. Cox", regarding SaltyDroid, Jason Jones threatening to interfere with my Ninth Circuit appeal of Obsidian Finance Group v. Crystal Cox. And SaltyDroid, Jason Jones threatened if I did not negotiate and stop the appeal he would pressure me and he would also exercise other "Options".

Looks like Omri Shabat has joined the conspiracy and with no factual data.

Much more regarding Omri Shabat  Coming Soon.

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More coming to this Omri Shabat  post ... Stay Tuned for more regarding Omri Shabat , in connection to SaltyDroid, Jason Jones and a Gang of Internet Bloggers defaming, harassing, threatening those who speak out against corruption.

Omri Shabat